Terms and Conditions:

Tutors are required to pay PKR. 1000 for registration with AR Tutors. This payment is non refundable.

Tutors are required to submit their documents with their current resume and proof of residence with a copy of Utility Bill(CURRENT ELECTRIC BILL OR SUI GAS BILL)from the last month. Registration shall be renewed per anum to get tuitions and further jobs etc.

If any tutor is found in fraudulent activities, AR Tutors holds the right to take any legal action against the respective tutor and will charge all dues on the Tutor’s cost. If a tutor doesn’t get any tuition during his/her registration period, AR Tutor will extend their registration period and provide a tuition after checking all the previous details and records of the respective tutor. In case of cancelling the registration, the tutor AR Tutors will be given all the documents provided from, at the time of registration.

Tutors are required to attend regular training sessions and be presentable at all times during work. Tutors are required to let the management know before referring anyone else on a particular tuition. In case of non info referrals holds the right to cancel their registration. Any tutor found going against the policy of AR Tutors in any way, will be held for his actions and AR Tutors holds the right to take any legal action against him/her. We will inform the tutor about everything via SMS, Watsapp and Twitter. Only the first five candidates will be given the response and client details for the job/tuition.

Management of AR Tutors exercises all rights of forwarding a tuition to another tutor if the first tutor doesn’t respond in time. Only after paying the 50% share of the previous tuition, the tutor would get another tuition. AR Tutors, charges 50% of every new job/tuition provided to all the teachers, no exemptions. All the tutors are required to be punctual and honest in their dealings with AR Tutors and the respective Clients. Tutors are required to give out all the information regarding the client after a meeting and are required to attend the training sessions regularly.

If the tuitions and students and or prices increase on an old tuition AR Tutors will not charge the share on the second payment of the newly decided subjects/classes/fees. If any tutor fails to pay their dues on time their guarantor will be required to pay on their behalf, and AR Tutors holds the right to take any legal action against the tutor. To make it easy for the tutors, AR Tutors will contact the tutors for late payment or due payments by sending a recovery officer to the residence of the respective tutor. In case of non payment, AR Tutors holds the right to cancel the partnership/registration of the tutor with AR Tutors.


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April 2024